Hourly  Rates

​Hourly prices are subject to change based upon the floor levels per residence.


 Dakydes Moving & Delivery

- $95.00 for a single Item

​- $155.00 for two to three  items

​- $225.00 for four to six items

White Glove​ Deliveries

Raleigh to Raleigh destination​ fees start at $99.00. Truck sizes and other cities prices may vary upon distances traveled.

​​​​​      "Where We Make Moving, Easy, Inexpensive & Stress Free"

There is a two hour minimum required for any hourly service provided.

  •  2 Man Crew At  $99.00 An Hour
  • ​3 Man Crew At  $149.00 An Hour
  • ​4  Man Crew At $229.00 An Hour